Terms and Conditions

Because many programs, treatments, scripts, plans, suggestions and other ideas that are submitted to us, are similar to material previously used, previously submitted by others, already under consideration by us, or, in some instances, subsequently submitted to us, Futuro Media must protect itself against any unwarranted claims by initially notifying those who submit material, like yourself, of our policies which follow below.

Without your agreement with these policies, Futuro would be unable to consider the concepts in your current submission or any material that you might later disclose either orally or in writing (collectively “the Concept”).

  1. Unless and until you and Futuro have executed a written agreement providing for use of the Concept, you will receive no compensation, and Futuro (including its officers, directors, employees and affiliates) will have no obligation to you in any respect whatsoever with regard to such Concept. Any such written agreement, by its terms and provisions, will be the only contract between you and Futuro.
  2. Futuro may elect not to enter into any such agreement for any reason.
  3. Although Futuro will endeavor to hold your material in confidence, Futuro cannot be held responsible for any disclosure of your Concept to third parties.
  4. Futuro relies on your being fully authorized and empowered to make this submission and that you are not aware of any other person who might claim an interest in the Concept which could result in any liability on the part of Futuro. If any such person should exist, Futuro will look to you to hold it harmless in connection with any claim by such person.