Futuro Studios is a new Pulitzer prize-winning podcast and original programming studio from Futuro Media, committed to uplifting voices, stories and perspectives that have been historically overlooked in the world of audio. Our podcasts feature the most original, fresh voices in culture, tell gripping narratives and make meaning of the world. We are grounded in innovative audiocraft and rigorous journalism, and partner to produce beautiful storytelling that centers Latino and Latina, Black, Indigenous and immigrant experiences. 

Our team of podcast producers, editors, sound designers and engineers have collectively won some of the highest awards in narrative and investigative journalism, and have been at the forefront of critically-acclaimed projects such as Anything For Selena, Suave and LOUD: The History of Reggaeton. Through our co-productions we’ve also launched: La Brega, Norco 80, Con Todo: Brown Love, The Battle for 187, Radical Imagination, and TransLash Podcast with Imara Jones.


We’re actively looking to partner with others to produce high-quality audio stories. If you’re a company or journalist who wants to partner with us to produce a podcast, head to our Contact page.


The Futuro Team