Radical Imagination

Revolutionizing Education with Afrofuturism

Get ready to be inspired by revolutionizing education. Our guest, Ja'Sonta Roberts, the offsite programs manager for Assemble, takes us on a journey through a new STEAM curriculum that’s infused with Black history and Afrofuturism. This dynamic approach, developed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, helps students envision their future selves as innovators and leaders. We dive deep into the heart of this progressive curriculum, exploring how Afrofuturism is woven into lessons, the value of representation, and how this approach is shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for education.

Envision a lesson about Hair Pride or an Afrofuturist Utopian City, and you'll begin to appreciate the beauty of this innovative approach. This isn't just a curriculum—it's a movement, one that's more relevant now than ever in our current political climate where the teaching of Black history is under scrutiny. Listen to Ja'Sonta's inspiring experience developing this program, the impact it's made, and how it's not only transforming education but also preparing the next generation for a future where they can thrive in any field. This isn't just a conversation—It's a call to action for a more inclusive, equitable future.

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