Radical Imagination

Relentless for Climate Justice

Ever wondered how communities become the frontline warriors in the battle against climate change? Well, we've got Doris Brown, co-director of West Street Recovery, to unravel this mystery. She lifts the veil on how systemic inequities, housing, infrastructure, and government funding are all intertwined with climate issues. Her work in Houston, particularly in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, has led to community organizing that transformed devastation into platforms for change. A fascinating journey from a community of 12 to over 100 members in the Northeast Action Collective, they've managed to fix over 400 homes in the span of five years. Hear about their ingenious 'Hub Houses' for crisis response and how they became relentless advocates for infrastructure funding.

Then, we shift gears as we introduce Anthony Giancatarino, a strategy partner at Taproot Earth. He provides a fresh perspective on climate solutions by discussing their unique People's Movement Assembly process. This breaks away from the conventional mold and instead pairs communities at the forefront of climate change with researchers and academics - a true testament to co-creation. They've established a system of accountability, urging participants to take immediate action for their communities. This episode is a celebration of community action, a gentle reminder that change is possible when we come together for a cause. So join us on this inspiring journey, as we uncover the power of community action in addressing the climate crisis.

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