Radical Imagination

Reclaiming Outdoor Spaces

Venture with us into an episode where  Rue Mapp of Outdoor Afro and Ronda Chapman from the Trust for Public Land discuss their efforts to reconnect Black communities with nature's joys and healing powers.  Their stories weave a narrative tapestry that celebrates culture, fosters community, and uplifts Black voices in the outdoor spaces.

While both Rue and Ronda bring to light the systemic racism that has long kept outdoor spaces out of reach for many, each, in their individual efforts, also stitches a roadmap toward repair and reclamation. Together, their visions converge on a future where the laughter of children playing in parks and families gathering in green spaces is not a privilege for a few but a common melody for all. Through powerful storytelling and relentless advocacy, this episode is an ode to the beauty of perseverance and the collective effort to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to find solace, adventure, and a sense of belonging under the canopy of shared skies.

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