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Rebooting AI for Language Learning

Discover the powerful role of artificial intelligence in preserving indigenous languages in our latest episode, where I, Angela Glover Blackwell, engage in a compelling discussion with Keoni Mahelona, the talented CTO of Te Hiku Media. We delve into the rich history of the Maori people, uncovering the injustices they've faced and the ways AI is paving the way toward the revitalization of their language. Get ready to be intrigued and enlightened as we discuss how Te Hiku Media is disrupting traditional systems using AI to ensure the preservation of the Maori language.

We also explore the pivotal role of children in this linguistic renaissance, highlighting the emergence of Maori language immersion schools. The conversation takes a deeper turn as we grapple with the contentious issue of data sovereignty in the world of AI. Can we truly decolonize AI to prevent the exploitation and colonization of indigenous data? The essence of this episode lies in the exploration of AI's significant role in fostering equity, justice, and the preservation of indigenous languages. This isn’t just a conversation about technology; it’s about history, culture, equity, and most importantly, the future.

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