Radical Imagination

Realizing Spatial Reparations

Can you imagine a world in which we not only acknowledge the systemic injustices tied to housing and land disparities but actively rectify them? Join us as we engage in a profound conversation with Rasheedah Phillips, Afrofuturist and Director of Housing at PolicyLink to explore spatial reparations -- a transformative approach to rectifying historical wrongs. We journey through local initiatives like those in Evanston, Illinois, demonstrating the possibilities of reparations targeted at specific communities. We also bridge the connection between spatial reparations and movements like the landback movement, emphasizing the holistic approach required to address deep-rooted injustices.

The pursuit of spatial reparations is a journey toward a more equitable future. It is a journey that requires us to acknowledge the past, understand the present, and imagine a future where everyone has access to housing, resources, and opportunities. It is a journey that we can all be a part of and one that will undoubtedly shape the future of housing justice.

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