Brown Love

LA Originals (w/Estevan Oriol & Mister Cartoon)

In this episode, we’re talking about the Latino influence on American hip-hop culture. Whether through music, fashion, or even the evolution of language and slang, Latinos on both coasts have added more than a few beats to the urban sounds that have defined the last two generations. And while you can’t necessarily find these next two artists in the recording booth spitting bars, their work--particularly on the West Coast--has certainly captured the essence of hip-hop while simultaneously peppering in their Mexican-American identity or Chicanidad. 

Our guests this week are the dynamic Chicano duo that’s turned Los Angeles into their personal and professional playground for the last 30 years. Estevan Oriol is a renowned photographer and music video director based in L.A and the mastermind behind the Netflix original documentary ‘L.A. Originals’ co-starring his friend and collaborator Mister Cartoon. Cartoon, himself, is one of the most sought-after tattoo and graffiti artists around who’s inked some of hip-hop’s most notorious. The film delves into their own respective journeys into becoming Chicano icons and explores what happened once their paths converged not just for themselves...but for the culture.