La Brega Season 2: The Puerto Rican Experience in 8 Songs

As the island donde hasta la piedras cantan –“where even the rocks sing”– Puerto Rico is home to a dizzying breadth of musical expression. From the lyrical boleristas of the 1930s, to the electric salseros of the ’70s, to the reggaetoneros of today who have taken music from the margins and made it a global sensation, this season takes listeners on an exciting, richly-reported, cross-genre adventure that captures the ceaseless creativity, emotional resonance, and yes, la brega that are hallmarks of Puerto Rican music across eras and formats.

Voices featured in this trailer include Elena Martínez, José Massó, Gabby Rivera, Afrika Clivillés, Lia Camille Crockett, Bianca Graulau, Omar Alfanno, Ruben Blades, Mireya Ramos, Velcro, Susana Baca, and Alberto “Ringo” Martínez.

The first episode drops Thursday, January 26. Subscribe now.