Ídolo: The Ballad of Chalino Sánchez

Ídolo | Introducing Tales of the Night – 2. The Harlequin

Immerse yourself in the saga of Father Lucas Crucifix, the most successful one from Relatos de la Noche. In 1982, Mrs. Socorro found herself entwined in a supernatural tale. A young woman, pursued by witches, sought refuge and an exorcism ritual. Enter "Father Lucas," an elderly Italian recommended by her church pastor, Jesús. He gifted Socorro a potent crucifix to ward off evil spirits.

Join us each week for new episodes that unveil the mysteries of Tales of the Night: stories, urban legends, and horrors you can find in towns not so different from yours; streets like the ones you walk every night; and even in a silent house in the middle of the night... exactly like yours. Presented by Sonoro and Relatos de la Noche. Listen now to Tales of the Night:

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