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Bethany Cosentino: Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Cancer Rising

Singer, Songwriter Bethany Cosentino has reinvented herself over and over again and in the process helped define the indie sound of the aughts. Bethany first appeared on the charts with the group Best Coast in 2009. The band’s album ‘Crazy for You’ charted on Billboard to significant buzz and continued to stake their place in the lo-fi pop music scene of the 2010s. Yet, after over a decade of recording and touring, Best Coast went on hiatus in 2023, and Bethany launched her solo career with her album ‘Natural Disaster.” Isa Nakazawa sits down with Bethany to discuss how her chart is perfectly suited to aid her as she adapts. Her Scorpio Sun is there to help her ask the right questions and her Cancer Rising allows her to intuit the best path. But whatever life throws at her, Bethany’s Sagittarius Moon allows her to spring to her next adventure